How Dangerous Is the Truth?

This is not meant as a flippant question but one aimed at discovering whether people really want to know things. If they have beliefs that are rooted in ancient mythologies or in modern concepts of discarding everything for a care-free life how and why can the truth hurt them? There are so many concepts of who we are and where we come from that the wall of confusion is greater than the world in which we live.

The question is can that wall be broken down? Not while people take offence at anything that opposes their view. This is the barrier and it is strengthened by brainwashing and society.

To show how dangerous truth can be we have only to go back a few years to the suffering of millions of children who were described as ‘illegitimate’. Because they had the misfortune to be born of unwed parents they were ostracised, discriminated against, and other things.

They could not marry without their background being exposed. This turned many off them as they were the ‘untouchables’. No one cared how much they suffered or the misery their lives became. No one considered how they felt and what were their chances of success.

Of course, now we rarely hear the term ‘illegitimate child’ but it may still mean a lot to some people. Religions created this problem, just as they are now over the question of same-sex marriage.

My word was called offensive because I write about my reincarnation, also tabooed by religions which support the heaven and hell scenario. In my experience these places do not exist but are weapons to get people into congregations and keep them there. So how dangerous is it for me to own up about my experience.

As a spiritual person I want the world to know how wrong it is to blindly follow what others tell you. Is that offensive or dangerous to anyone. Surely they can toss it around in their mind and discard it if it doesn’t match their feelings. That’s not too hard an ask, is it?

But what if they can also relate to reincarnation and spirituality but have never heard of it before? Isn’t it best that they learn it now and change their worship of false gods and premises before it is too late?

We are in the end times and the Spirit is looking out for its children. They are called the children of Israel and they are caught behind a wall of blindness that is too hard to penetrate. A commission was given to me to tear down that wall and what I write is slowly doing that. So instead of taking offence readers should look at what the world has become because of the lies and deceit.

The truth is not dangerous to individuals but it is to the establishment. So let’s see more of it and hopefully things might change for the better.

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